Mecateamcluster® operates for the most part based on close collaboration between its members in the context of work put in place by its committees.

Its dynamism resides in its capacity to bring together micro-enterprises and SMEs, international clients, actors in training and in employment, universities and grandes écoles (prestigious higher education establishments) with the sole aim of providing collaborative and effective solutions which meet the requirements of the market.

Applying this cooperative model, all the members of Mecateamcluster® are asked to take part in working meetings on given topics (the development of markets, innovation, employment and training, the cluster’s advertising and public relations, the sharing of resources and the operation of the pooled rail platform, etc.).

Each committee is run by a Mecateamcluster® consultant whose role is to steer work and to ensure a good balance in terms of the participation of the members.

As a member, each firm undertakes to take part in the cluster’s initiatives, to drive initiatives, to become a mouthpiece for the activities of the cluster and to develop a policy of partnerships and of cooperative ventures for the common good.

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