MecateamPlatform® is a 40 hectare (100 acres approx.) site at the heart of the Creusot-Montceau manufacturing area in southern Burgundy.

The platform’s major asset resides in access to the national rail network, thanks to its direct connection to line no. 769 and in its geographical location which is strategic at national level.

The requirements expressed by users, consultation with referring actors in the rail sector in France and the special physical characteristics of the site have enabled the platform to be structured in an original way, opting for a pooled approach to the services offered.

The platform is divided up into several constituent areas:

    - A maintenance area, known as a level 1 maintenance area, which enables common maintenance tasks to be carried out on pieces of rail equipment, with a wagon/carriage washing center, an inspection pit, a weighing center, etc. all at the disposal of users;
    - A secure storage area for wagons/carriages, locomotives and other worksite pieces of equipment;
    - A maintenance workshop connected to the national rail network equipped with inspection pits and jib cranes, enabling level 2 and 3 maintenance to be carried out;
    - A testing area;
    - A training center suitable for rail engineering and work safety training;
    - An area equipped with terminals connected to the national rail network, thus providing optimal facilities for new firms setting up on the platform.

All of these shared services grouped together in a single place enable solutions to be provided in terms of technical expertise, of training and of dedicated facilities.

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